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Lithgow's Small Arms Factory & Its People Lithgow's Small Arms Factory and it's People (Vol 1: 1907 - 1950 & Vol 2: 1950 - 1990)
by Tony Griffiths.
Soft cover, 448 pages & 360 pages

A comprehensive history of Lithgow's Small Arms Factory. Not only about guns but also the industrial and social effort needed to make them. Also deals with Lithgow's relationship with the iconic factory.

Price: $38.00 per volume
Postage: medium satchel
Weight: approx 650g per volume
Lithgow SAF - A History in Photographs Lithgow Small Arms Factory - A History in Photographs
Published by Lithgow SAF Museum
A4 booklet, soft cover, 64 pages

Themes include early production sections and employees, women workers, commercial manufacture, industrial matters, the feeder factories, modernisation, and the connections between the Factory and the community.

Price: $16.00
Postage:large letter
Weight: approx 250g
The Enfield Inch The Enfield Inch & The Lithgow .303
A tale of metrology from Australian firearm folklaw.
By Tony Griffiths
Soft cover, 86 pages.

The story behind a pedantic British measurement system and its failings make an intriguing tale of engineering and measurement in a straight-forward way that renders it both interesting and easily understandable to the non-technical reader.

Price: $22.00
Postage: Large letter
Weight: approx 175g
An Industrial Invasion An Industrial Invasion
Australian Civilian Volunteers in British Factories 1916 - 1920
By Tony Griffiths
Soft cover, 134 pages.

The story of Australian civilian men who volunteered to go and work in British factories during WWI, an effort Winston Churchill called ‘An Industrial Invasion’.

Price: $25.00 (Few left)
Postage: small satchel
Weight: approx 450g
Griffiths book bundle Tony Griffiths book bundle
Includes 4 books by Tony Griffiths

'Lithgow's Small Arms Factory & it's People' Vols 1 & 2, 'The Enfield Inch & the Lithgow .303' and 'An Industrial Invasion, Australian Civilian Volunteers in British Factories 1916 - 1920'.

Price: $95.00
Postage: large satchel
Weight: approx 1.9kg
Exactly Exactly: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World

Bestselling author Simon Winchester writes a magnificent history of the pioneering engineers who developed precision machinery to allow us to see as far as the moon and as close as the Higgs boson.

Price: $25.00
Postage: small satchel
DVD Sydney At War DVD - Sydney At War
By Ronin Films
Runtime 52 mins

At midnight on Sunday May 31, 1942, three Japanese midget submarines broke through Sydney Harbour's defences and launched a surprise attack on an ill-prepared city. During that night of confusion and violence, 21 Australian and 6 Japanese service personnel lost their lives. This DVD recounts the events of that fateful night.
Price: $25.00
Postage: small satchel
Weight: approx 260g

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