Donations of items to the Museum

The museum may accept donations of items and firearms that fit within its Collection Policy. The main themes of the museum are the social and production history of the Lithgow SAF, mass production processes, military firearms of the world, and the development and technology of firearms.

In terms of the firearms collection, the museum concentrates on the production and technology of military and civilian firearms. We do not cover military themes and militaria is not within the scope of our collection unless the item is linked or provenanced to a particular firearm in the collection. We can assist with placing these items in an appropriate museum. Accoutrements for weapons may be accepted.

Not all items accepted as donations will be put on display. The Museum maintains a reserve collection which forms an invaluable reference library for both the Museum and external researchers. It is also used as a source for display rotations and special displays.

As with any large manufacturing facility a great number of "foriegn orders" (unauthorised items made for employees or their friends) were made at Lithgow. We are particularly interested in donations or photographs of these.

Significant gifts to the museum may be eligible for tax deduction under the Cultural Gifts Program. Please see the Cultural Gifts Program website for more information.

If you have an item you would like to donate to the museum please read our Donation Policy below and then email us with a description of your item

Our Donation Policy

Wherever possible the committee seeks clear and unconditional donations of items. The committee ensures that the donor understands the conditions under which the donation is made and that the museum may in future dispose of, or treat the item in any way that the museum sees fit. No guarantee is given that the item will be placed on public display.

Donors are required to sign a “Deed of Gift" or "Receipt" form that is retained indefinitely in Museum records.

The Museum policy does not allow for displaying a donor's name with any object on display. Donors are recorded with the donated object on the collection database, and if in agreeance, will have their name and donation details recorded in the Donor book displayed in the museum foyer.